Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally..... Singh is Here

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa
Waheguruji Ki Fateh

Finally.... I am going to defeat myself, by starting to post on my own blog. Oh what a relief I must say.

Anyway, welcome to Guri da page!

I was waiting to start with something very interesting to share with before continuing blogging on different issues. What I forgot was
Chalne ke liye Girna zaroori hai;Aur Girne ke liye chalna!Is tarahhe maanzil payega;
bus ek kadam se badhna!

And here I am taking my first kadam by posting this blog!

I have named it Apna Page. This is a place for me mera apna page jo marzi likho kaun saala rokta hai :-) .

I used to write poems long back but unfortunately stopped since long time and now again through this blog I would want to share some of my poems amd other poets as well

And if itz my blog I need to write about myself as well
Apni Nazarse khudiko
mumkin nahi
Apni Zabaanse Khudi ko
bayaan karna
aasaan nahi
Likh kar apna parichay
khuli kitab ban jaaoon
Mujhe Padnhe ke liye
Chashma Dil ka laga lena
Professionally I am from Media background and aims to make it big in the industry.

Personally I am a friendly person who likes to spend a lot of time with friends ( reason is I am still single and yes very much ready to mingle) and family.

Well I shout admit One thing that even if I am such a lazy chap I have still managed to write quite a bit on my first blog.

So people keep coming to apna page and share some beautiful poems and thoughts with me. Jo dil main ho bol dena

Have a nice day and keep smiling.


Salaam karne ka jab waqt aatta hai
Salam karne ko dil nahi karta
Zamaana lakh bura bole
Zamana chod jaane ko jee nahi karta

As said by Pammi Bai

"Jee Nahi Jaan noo karda Rangalee Duniya toan"

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Vishal said...

Good work Guri.. Finally a medium to vent out u r creativeness :-) .. keep it up!!